Ubisoft has released details of what’s in store for hacking lovers in the Human Conditions dlc for Watch Dogs 2 – and it features some old friends.

The French publisher released a YouTube video showcasing gameplay from the content due to be available for download on PS4 on February 21 and March 23 on Xbox One and PC.

The video title New Missions Old Friends pointed towards the re-emergence of characters from the first chapter with everyone’s favourite masked sulk Aiden Pearce.

And fans were spared the wait, with the revelation that Marcus is being stalked by the familiar Jordi Chin, looking unsurprisingly dapper in his white suit.

Mikel Reparaz, editor of UbiBlog, said in the video that fans can expect a “beefy expansion” with elite co-op challenges, a new type of enemy and three new “multi-mission operations.

He said: “More than missions these are substantial story arcs that give Marcus Holloway a fresh set of tech gnomes to smack down, unique hacking challenges to discover and at least one familiar face to reconnect with.”

Evidently, it is heavily implied that Jordi might not be the only old friend to make an appearance in Human Conditions.

For more information, head to the Watch Dogs website.